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Welcome to South Wales Mortars

With our twenty years experience in manufacturing coloured mortars we can supply 16 colours of coloured mortar, with a further choice of Light, Medium, Dark and Extra Dark shades to enhance any building project.

We also colour match shades to your requirements. We can supply mortar in 25k bags, Jumbo Bags/Skips and loose. Delivery is available same or next day within a 50 mile radius.

We can supply nation wide to order delivery service as well. There is a choice of materials, either Pit Sand or Dredge Sand. Click here for colour samples.

Our Product Range

Cavity Trays

Cavity Trays

Cavity Trays

Steel Lintels

Cavity Trays

Lead Products

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Floor Beams

Cavity Trays

Colour Samples

Cavity Trays

Cut & Bond Bricks

You can supplement your sand and fibre requirements with a complete range of other building products including Cavity Trays, Steel Lintels, Floor Beams and Lead Products by visiting our sister company’s web site. Click here to visit.

Floor Screed

With our twenty years experience in manufacturing of floor screed with or without fibre, we can supply early morning delivery service, tipped loose or jumbo bag craned off. Mixing ratios available: 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, or to your specification.

We operate a same day delivery service locally, and within 24 hours for requirements immediately outside the Swansea area.